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They’ve been around for approximately 10 years, but I’ve yet to find an affordable speaker system that beats it for the price. Available for less than £150, I still think the Logitech Z623 is one of the best 2.1 speaker systems you can buy today. The newer model (Z625) is essentially the same product but with digital inputs and an even larger subwoofer size, and they sound exactly the same.

I’ve used these for 8 years and, even with the different systems I’ve tested (some over twice as expensive), I have gone back to this model for my PC’s sound (where I play most of my music).


  • 2.1 system
  • 200W RMS power/400W Peak power
  • 3.5mm and RCA inputs
  • THX Certified Audio
  • Power consumption: 9W (2W on standby)
  • Cables: Captive phono, Right captive proprietary
  • Digital processing: THX


The design is generally good; the speakers are appropriately sized and buttons well balanced and functional. Sound and on buttons are controlled on the right speaker satellite. It has a larger volume control, with a smaller bass adjuster button. In terms of connections you can hook it up to Xbox/Playstation, home theatre or PC (I only use these for PC audio as I game with headsets). The subwoofer has 2 x 3.5mm and RCA inputs. Unfortunately, though, Logitech have used a proprietary (I hate proprietary anything) speaker cable to connect the right speaker to the sub-woofer, which looks surprisingly similar to a VGA connector. It also lacks a digital input.

From an aesthetic perspective they do an OK job, nothing special but acceptable for the price. The subwoofer is large and bland, but sits underneath your desk so it doesn’t really matter. The satellites are somewhat better looking and they have a nice size to them. It’s a heavy system and wouldn’t be particularly easy to move around.

Functional and honest design


The sound is straight up fantastic. It’s crisp, rich and deep. It’s able to maintain punchy and bright trebles with a satisfying, deep bass. Even out the box on standard PC audio drivers, it will blow most affordable 2.1 speakers out the box (far superior to Corsair’s SP2500). Listening to my favourite music is a joy on these. You can turn the volume up very high without significant distortion. It packs 200W RMS power and 400W peak power (it’s theoretical short burst maximum), which helps it achieve very high sound output. It’s very difficult to beat the sound for it’s price point. It’s true that very marginally the mids and trebles perform slightly weaker than the bass, but it’s not significant and doesn’t detract from the overall experience (compared to most at its price point, it has far better midrange and treble output).

Connections on subwoofer, note that digital is only available on updated Z625 model


Technically, the device is THX certified, which stands for Tomlinson Holman’s eXperiment. It means the speaker system has been tested to the THX process, and achieves their required sound fidelity. In truth, however, I don’t really think this matters much, because there are many speaker systems that sound as good (not at the same price) which don’t hold THX status, so it is by no means a definitive mark of quality (many companies won’t want to pay for the costly certification and license). The sound of the speakers when you use them is all that should matter, and this it does in leaps and bounds.


  • Superb all round sound quality
  • Very loud without distortion
  • Great price point
  • Functional and unpretentious design
  • High 200W power output


  • Proprietary speaker cable
  • Cumbersome subwoofer
  • No digital input (only available in the updated Z625 model)


Still a great all-rounder after nearly 10 years! Stood the test of time very well and Logitech have released the Z625 which is basically the same model but with optical input (which can deliver superior quality than RCA). It does cost slightly more, so it’s only worth it if you would use the digital input. Otherwise you can go with the Z623, but in 2020 I would personally want the digital function.

They’re available on Amazon here:

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